Keeping Your Piano in Tune


Out-of-tune pianos hurt Allie Cat’s ears!

We encourage our students to have their acoustic pianos tuned about once a year. Piano strings are under a great amount of tension and over time — whether the instrument is played or not — the strings begin to stretch, causing the pitch to sound flat. Changes in humidity can accelerate this process.

When choosing a professional to service your piano, we recommend looking for a certified piano technician. Technicians, unlike tuners, must be credentialed by the Piano Technicians Guild; they have the expertise necessary to perform major repairs, replace parts, and voice and regulate your instrument as needed.

For clients in the greater DFW area, we highly recommend the following piano technicians: 

Alejandro Miranda
(940) 565-4356

Alex Smith
(469) 321-1973

Mike Tocquigny
(940) 458-5624

Allan Perkins
(972) 256-4361