Piano Lessons for Kids

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Students between the ages of 4 and 18 make up the majority of our teaching schedule, and we think that’s pretty cool. ūüôā When we asked parents what they like¬†about Lantana Community Music, here’s what they said:

Convenience. We offer in-home lessons, so you can start dinner or catch up on emails while you listen in on lessons from the next room. 

Creativity. We utilize a variety of games and manipulatives to engage young students in learning music theory. No boring flashcards here!

Great Teachers. Corinne had a warm, approachable teaching style that sets reluctant students at ease. We high standards for our students, but we have a lot of fun on the way!

Customization. Our approach¬†is not “one size fits all”. Students are encouraged to choose¬†music that they enjoy, as a supplement to a core curriculum.¬†

Opportunities. In addition to private lessons, students have access to music theory exams, adjudicated festivals, formal concerts, and “piano parties” (group classes).

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