New Student FAQs


Can I start piano lessons using a keyboard?

We encourage our students to invest in an acoustic piano, even as beginners. Keyboards do not have the same resistance that piano keys do, which makes it difficult to learn to play with proper technique and dynamic range. If purchasing an acoustic piano is not possible, we recommend a high quality digital piano manufactured within the last 10 years. 


Where do you teach?

We offer in-home lessons for students living in Lantana and adjacent communities (Double Oak, Bartonville, Canyon Oaks, and some parts of Argyle). For students who prefer to travel to us, a limited number of spots are available for lessons at our studio in South Denton. Long-distance lessons are available via Skype or FaceTime.


I’ve never had piano lessons before.  Can I start as an adult?

Of course!  With all the talk about benefits of studying music at an early age, adults can be duped into thinking it’s too late.  But in fact, adult beginners have some unique advantages including control of fine motor skills, a longer attention span, and the ability to understand abstract concepts. 


What curriculum do you use?

Our brand new beginners typically start in Faber & Faber’s Piano Adventures, along with supplementary pieces tailored to each student’s personality, learning style, and musical goals.   After the first few years of lessons, most students transition out of method books and in to standard Classical repertoire, lead sheets, popular music, etc. Regardless of the style of music, our students learn proper technique, phrasing, interpretation, and artistry even in “beginner” repertoire.


Do you teach theory?

Yes!  We teach music theory using Just The Facts workbooks, Music Mind Games, and a variety of other games and manipulatives. Students are encouraged to take the TMTA music theory exam for their grade level each year.


What performance opportunities are available to your students?

We hold two studio-wide recitals (one in the spring and one in the fall) as well as informal performance opportunities (“Piano Parties”) every month or two.  Students are also invited to participate in adjudicated festivals through Carrollton Music Teachers Association.


Do you supply books/music?

Yes! Each family pays an annual registration fee that covers lesson books, music theory workbooks, sheet music, and any other materials deemed necessary by the teacher.